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Intuitive Numerology and Guidance 

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Spiritual Guidance and Clarity

What is Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance?

Intuitive guidance is channeled messages from spirit to help you on your journey whether you are looking for confirmation you are on the right path, have unanswered questions or require clarity on a situation you are currently going through.

In your personalized reading I may use a combination of divination tools and systems like oracle decks and numerology.

You will gain insights, practical exercises to help you on your journey to clarity and taking embodied action.

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Life Path & Destiny Number and Intuitive Reading

Your Life Path is your WHY, the road you are traveling on, defining what you came here to do. It embodies your life purpose, your mission, highlighting your strengths and who you are at your core. It helps you tap into your personal power, serving as the foundation of who you are and who you are destined to become.

Complementing Your Life Path, your Destiny Number provides the HOW, the map detailing the opportunities and challenges you will face. It supports your Life Path by guiding you through the practical steps and actions needed to fulfill your mission, dreams and helping you tap into your personal power and become who you are destined to be.

Through intuitive and channeled messages from the Universe using Oracle cards, Joanna provides tailored advice that aligns with the numerological insights. This guidance helps you make informed decisions, overcome obstacles, and move forward with confidence and clarity. The readings offer a blend of spiritual wisdom and practical advice, empowering you to embrace your journey with renewed purpose and inner strength.

1 Hour Reading
Written Report &
Oracle Card Pictures provided after the 
Recording Provided
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Intuitive Oracle Reading

Oracle cards are powerful spiritual tools used to access your inner wisdom and guidance, providing insightful reflections on various aspects of life. An oracle card reading offers you a unique way to confirm the universe's nudges and answer the call of your soul.


Through this intuitive practice, you can ask specific questions to gain clarity and receive channeled messages from the soul of the universe. I will interpret these messages to bring clarity and direction to your current situation. Whether you're seeking clarity on a particular issue, looking for confirmation, or exploring your spiritual path, I can help you with insight, compassion, and channeled messages from the universe.


The oracle card deck acts as a mirror, reflecting the voice of your higher self, your guides and the universe. Helping you you make aligned decisions. Oracle cards can offer a different perspective on life's challenges and affirm your intuitive feelings. They are known for their uplifting, positive messages that can bring comfort, inspiration, and motivation, helping you to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition.


During your session, you will pose  questions, and I will use the oracle cards to share messages for your highest good. This powerful tool provides the clarity you need to move forward with confidence and purpose, guiding you to act in harmony with your true self.

30 Minutes
Pictures of Oracle Cards provided after the reading
Recording Provided

Numerology Reading

A Numerology Chart Reading can illuminate your soul's journey, providing you with a blueprint into who you are, your soul's mission, destiny, strengths, talents, and areas for growth. This powerful tool uncovers your innate talents, skills, and abilities, guiding you on your life path and helping you make aligned decisions.


Your numerology chart reveals the main lessons you've chosen to learn and your life purpose. By understanding your unique numbers, you gain insights into your traits, preferences, and skills. Your spiritual talent, as seen through numerology, highlights what others see in you and how you can best express your true self.


A Numerology Chart Reading offers clarity and guidance, helping you move along your soul's path. It can identify the fields where you are most likely to succeed, aiding in making informed career choices. This reading also addresses your inner needs and what you should give to your soul for fulfillment and growth.


In this 2-hour Zoom reading, you will be guided through your soul's design according to numerology. This session provides a profound understanding of your spiritual blueprint, helping you navigate life's journey with confidence and purpose. Numerology believes we are all here for a reason, and this reading will help you discover and embrace yours.

2 Hours
Written Report and Recording Provided
Bookings starting in July

Hi, I'm Joanna Your Spiritual Guide

As a Life Path 7, I am highly Intuitive and Spiritual 

Joanna Lean is a Spiritual and Manifestation Teacher, Womb Wisdom Guide, Dancing Mindfulness and Breath-work Facilitator, and an Intuitive Numerology and Oracle Card Reader. She helps her clients with their life path, mission, and soul purpose, providing clarity on their next steps and assisting them in getting unstuck. Through numerology, Joanna offers deep insights into her clients' inherent traits, strengths, challenges, and destiny, empowering them to understand and fulfill their true calling.


Joanna helps individuals connect, understand, and transform their emotions, release and detox limiting beliefs and negative patterns, and live a life of joy, strength, and inner freedom. By activating the light within, she enables her clients to embrace their unique path with confidence and clarity.


Passionate about the holistic approach of cyclical living, Joanna advocates for releasing the relentless pursuit of productivity and instead embracing the art of simply being and resting. Her mission is to ignite a profound sense of empowerment in others, enabling them not just to survive, but to thrive.


Omgoodness! Thank you so much for all of this ! I just listened to the card reading ...WOW totally resonates with me, and serious scorpio energy. Everything you said was spot on with my current situation and energy right now  wonderful reading."

- Wendy

I had the pleasure of experiencing a reading from Joanna at a recent industry event, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Joanna went above and beyond to provide a truly personalized and insightful experience. Prior to the event, she reached out to gather some basic details about me, such as my full name and birthdate. With this information, she calculated my life path numbers, uncovered my mission, identified key words for my life, and gained deeper insights into who I am.

During the reading, Joanna conducted a thorough and engaging card reading. It was clear that she had spent significant time and effort preparing for each reading, as her insights were incredibly accurate and personalized. Rather than simply showing up and pulling a few cards, Joanna demonstrated a genuine commitment to providing valuable guidance and clarity.


Now, a few weeks after the event, I am amazed at how much of what Joanna shared has proven to be true. Her reading has given me a new perspective and has been a guiding force in my life. If you’re looking for an exceptional and personalized reading experience, I highly recommend Joanna. Her dedication, accuracy, and insightful approach make her truly outstanding.

Julia O'Grady

President & Founder

ITM Events

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