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What if you could...

Take actionable steps and GET tools to start living the life YOU want to live.


Start observing your negative thoughts instead of being a servant to them.

Rewrite your limited life story to a powerful one and ACTUALLY start living it.


Become the most loving version of YOURSELF!

Be happy and feel good more often.


Be empowered in every area of YOUR life.

KNOW, TRUST AND LOVE YOURSELF  as the divine beautiful being you are.

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Stressed Woman

Playing small and feeling like you have been dealt a bad hand.


Being stuck on Auto-Pilot in your life, relationships, health and in your job.


Living the same thoughts, behaviours and emotions on repeat and going nowhere fast.


Thinking that happiness and the good life are for other people, not you.

Saying Yes when you want to say NO and resenting yourself for not standing in your truth.

Sitting on the sidelines as people around you upgrade their life and you are still in the same place.

Feeling stuck and not knowing how to get out of it.

Have the BLAHS and are in full Languishing mode.




Lingerie Models


Felt empowered, confident and worthy of your desires.



Increased your mood, energy and zest in life!

Plus Size Model


Became the most loving version of yourself and your biggest cheerleader.

Image by Joshua Woroniecki


Experienced more positive emotions, ideas, opportunities and possibilities.

Smiling Woman


Woke up every morning choosing to feel good and grateful for who you are and what you have.

Almond Blossom


Accessed your strengths and invested in discovering your greatest potential.

positive psychology sessions

1:1 sessions

Positive Psychology and Manifestation Sessions empower you to thrive in your life tapping into your limitless potential. It’s guided sessions that will have lasting effects on your mind, body and soul. And can be used to improve and thrive in every area of your life, relationships, self-esteem and confidence, work and leisure time.  It combines the science of Flourishing with the Magic of Manifestation to inspire and ignite the kind of life and person you want to become.

1 x 60 Minute session $120

3 x 60 minute sessions $300

  • What is Positive Psychology?
    The scientific study of what makes life worth living. When people experience positive emotions, engage in life and relationships, honour and pursue their passions and goals and appreciate their accomplishments along the way during peaks and valleys of life. Also referred to as "The Science of Happiness."
  • Who do you help?
    I help busy career driven womxn who are ready to THRIVE in life and not just survive, choose love over fear, get over the blahs and implement empowering experiences in life, work, love and play to cultivate a meaningful and fulfilling life. These womxn are READY to live an intentional life of FEELING GOOD AS HELL! I help with: Reframing negative thinking to positive thinking Getting unstuck Self-Love Passions and Purpose Rewriting your life story Self-esteem and Increasing Confidence Empowerment Using Manifestation and Law of Attraction to live the life of your dreams
  • What is the difference between traditional therapy and Positive Psychology?
    Traditional therapy focuses on your past, problems and weaknesses and the focus is to try and eliminate or decrease sadness or negative emotions. Positive Psychology also referred to as “The Science of Happiness” focuses on forward thinking approaches and strategies based on cultivating a flourishing mental state, increasing positive emotions, focusing on gratitude, creating meaning and purpose and taking your strengths and learning to use them daily to help you THRIVE in life.
  • How will the sessions run?
    Each session is 1 hour where we discuss any struggles you are dealing with. I coach, mentor and teach you with science evidence based tools in Positive Psychology to help you build strategies to work through your struggles. At the end of each session we will end with a guided activity to support the learnings of the session (meditation, movement or oracle card pull.) After each session you will receive guided activities to help implement the desired change.
  • What kinds of activities are included after the session?
    You will receive an email with guided activities in Positive Psychology that focus on increasing happiness, through positive thoughts, emotions and behaviours. The focus will be practical strategies to implement change to flourish.
  • What are the benefits of Positive Psychology?
    Learn how to vibrate higher and tap into more positive emotions and experiences in all areas of your life. Ignite your potential within- Self-Love, Confidence, Authenticity and Purpose. Implement tools to help shift your negative thoughts, inner critic with proven evidence based simple and practical activities. Improved mood, increased positive experiences and feeling like life is happening for you instead of against you. Become the most loving version of yourself. Focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses and see your potential soar.


I’m Jo Lean and I can’t wait to guide you to being that confident, empowered and positive woman who is ready to take inspired action to unapologetically thrive and start living the life of your DREAMS!


My Spiritual and Self-love journey began 4 years ago when I was demoted from my Corporate Event Planning Job. What I thought was the worst thing to ever happen to me was the BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN. It alerted me to a life that I was living. I was super unhappy, burnt-out, being bullied at work, just barely surviving, I had no meaning or purpose in my life other than to work my butt off and come home tired AF.


I found manifestation and positive psychology and my life had changed for the better. I started to see my gifts, talents and skills and started believing in myself which I had never considered before. I like to call myself a recovering negative thoughtsaholic because I was truly my harshest critic. I had the biggest mean girl inside my head.


Through manifestation and positive psychology I recreated my life and chose to THRIVE instead of survive. Since my demotion, I got promoted, won two event planning awards, became a paid published writer, manifested so much love for myself, attracted my soulmate and found my purpose.


As a Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, Self-Love Coach, Dance Mindfulness Facilitatory and  Meditation Teacher, my mission is to help womxn build a life they LOVE LIVING in a mind, body and soul they are proud of. I give womxn the tools to access their gifts, strengths and flourish in life and at work.  They are ignited to live in their empowerment, confidence, worth and manifest all of their desires.


These sessions are a perfect fit for you, if...

you want additional support in your mental health.

you want a complement to traditional therapy.

you have a desire to learn how to work with your negative thoughts and have accessible tools to transform them in the moment.

you want to increase happiness, gratitude and optimism.

you're ready to rewrite your story in lack and scarcity.

you Are done feeling the blahs.

you are ready to take accountability and responsibility to feeling good.

you want to manifest an abundant life.

you're ready to thrive instead of survive.

you want to get out of a victim mindset.

you want to feel empowered, motivated and loving towards yourself.

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Image by Minh Pham

UM, Toronto, 42

Sales Manager

People thought I was crazy quitting during a pandemic. And I may have gone crazy had we not come up with a plan.


I really appreciated how you listened, helped me narrow my focus and taught me things that I could action on each week.


3 months ago, we were able to acknowledge my negative thought loops, turn rejection into redirection and really use the science of happiness to chart my course.


I set a goal of having a new job managing a sales team for a tech company by February. It's still crazy to think but I'll be starting January 25th!It's a big step with amazing potential.


But if it's not what I expect, I'm totally confident I now have the tools to handle whatever 2021 throws my way.


With extreme gratitude,


Image by Gabrielle Henderson

AJ, Toronto, 30

MBA Graduate, Registered Nurse

"Working with Jo Lean has been an absolute pleasure. Over the course of our sessions, I experienced what I can only describe as exponential self-growth, fueled by Jo's unique perspective and her careful attention to my various layers. Working through her tailored positive psychology exercises truly helped me reflect, understand myself better, and change my perspective on life. Jo helped me channel self-love to identify my limiting beliefs and ways to change them. Jo embodies a perfect balance of being tough and accepting, she can tell when you aren’t living up to your true potential but also recognizes when you are trying your best despite the outcome. Our sessions helped me express, know and eventually accept myself with pride. I realize that life is a long road to improvement, and I am eternally grateful to Jo for giving me the tools to move forward. I will always highly recommend Jo Lean, an excellent coach and an amazing person."

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KP, Toronto, 36

Digital Marketing

“Working with Jo has truly changed my perspective on self-love and how it not only affects various aspects of our lives but also how it impacts the way you love others. She has inspired me to make self- love a priority and shared detailed and personalised tools, exercises and resources that have challenged my thinking and allowed me to grow in this space. I have really enjoyed working with and learning from her. She is passionate about and knowledgeable of the content and is an amazing at coaching you and keeping you accountable.”


Common Reed

 ready to thrive

1 Hour Session

$120 ea.

3 x 1 Hour Sessions

$100 ea.

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