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Intuitive Numerology &
Oracle Card Readings


Bored of the same old same old at your events and gatherings?

Add some AWE and Wander with Intuitive Oracle  and Mini Numerology Readings at your next event or gathering.

What are Oracle Intuitive Readings?

Oracle intuitive readings involve using a deck of oracle cards to gain insights, guidance and clarity on various aspects of life. The intuitive readings can cover a wide range of topics, including relationships, career, spirituality, personal growth and decision-making.

What are Numerology Readings?

Numerology reading is a practice that involves analyzing numbers and their symbolic meanings to gain insights into various aspects of a person's life, personality, and destiny. It's based on the belief that numbers carry vibrational frequencies and have specific qualities and influences.

In a numerology reading, these numbers are interpreted to provide insights into the individual's personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges.

Numerology readings can be used for self-discovery, personal growth, decision-making, and understanding relationships.



I had the pleasure of experiencing a reading from Joanna at a recent industry event, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Joanna went above and beyond to provide a truly personalized and insightful experience. Prior to the event, she reached out to gather some basic details about me, such as my full name and birthdate. With this information, she calculated my life path numbers, uncovered my mission, identified key words for my life, and gained deeper insights into who I am.


During the reading, Joanna conducted a thorough and engaging card reading. It was clear that she had spent significant time and effort preparing for each reading, as her insights were incredibly accurate and personalized. Rather than simply showing up and pulling a few cards, Joanna demonstrated a genuine commitment to providing valuable guidance and clarity.


Now, a few weeks after the event, I am amazed at how much of what Joanna shared has proven to be true. Her reading has given me a new perspective and has been a guiding force in my life. If you’re looking for an exceptional and personalized reading experience, I highly recommend Joanna. Her dedication, accuracy, and insightful approach make her truly outstanding.

Julia O'Grady
President & Founder
ITM Events

Hi, I'm Joanna Your Spiritual Guide

As a Life Path 7, I am highly Intuitive and Spiritual 

Joanna Lean is a Spiritual and Manifestation Teacher, Womb Wisdom Guide, Dancing Mindfulness and Breath-work Facilitator, and an Intuitive Numerology and Oracle Card Reader. She helps her clients with their life path, mission, and soul purpose, providing clarity on their next steps and assisting them in getting unstuck. Through numerology, Joanna offers deep insights into her clients' inherent traits, strengths, challenges, and destiny, empowering them to understand and fulfill their true calling.


Joanna helps individuals connect, understand, and transform their emotions, release and detox limiting beliefs and negative patterns, and live a life of joy, strength, and inner freedom. By activating the light within, she enables her clients to embrace their unique path with confidence and clarity.


Passionate about the holistic approach of cyclical living, Joanna advocates for releasing the relentless pursuit of productivity and instead embracing the art of simply being and resting. Her mission is to ignite a profound sense of empowerment in others, enabling them not just to survive, but to thrive.

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