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Image by Ravi Pinisetti

Welcome to
The Sacred Portal

rest to receive
5 Week Group Program

Your soul is remembering that it is your birthright to Receive

Image by Yuris Alhumaydy

You can't be in the energetic frequency to receive when you

Have tied your SELF-WORTH to your productivity

Find yourself FEELING GUILTY to REST

Have scheduled yourself to exhaustion 

Have a hard time saying No to plans, favours or work

Numb your feelings and haven't given yourself time, space or permission to process uncomfortable emotions

Release the HUSTLE and Embody Rest as a sacred portal  




Build the capacity to RECEIVE your desires

Ignite the HEALER within

Connect with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors

Create the ability to trust your intuition

Be an open channel for downloads and creativity in your work or projects

Unblock yourself from conditioning to be busy all the time

Be an energetic frequency to infinite possibilities and opportunities

Be a magnetic for your manifestations through flowing energy

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