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About Me

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About Jo Lean

Creativity is the portal to your wellness!

Jo Lean is a Creative Wellness Guide, Dancing Mindfulness and Breathwork Facilitator.

An Award Winning Corporate Event Planner who turned her life around after a devastating demotion. She realized she was living a life of burnout, disease, stress, unhappiness and not honouring her true self.  She found herself when she stopped running away or numbing her emotions. It was through deep inner healing that she was able to leave a toxic corporate work environment, use the wisdom of her body to live and thrive with chronic illness, find true joy and confidence within herself, manifest an amazing partner and step into an empowered wellness facilitator and entrepreneur.


She helps individuals connect, understand and transform their emotions, release  and detox limiting beliefs and negative patterns to live a life of joy, strength, inner freedom and activate the light within.


LoveSelf Wellness helps beautiful souls through mind, body and soul wellness modalities both in virtual classes and workshops and in person circles and inspiring wellness events.


With a focus of moving stagnant energy through Breathwork, Embodied Art Journaling and Dancing Mindfulness workshops, Emotional Healing, and healing retreats.  A place to clear the path of  what is no longer serving and call in expansive energy, healing and a new way of living- fully aligned and free. 

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