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Flow is a mind, body and soul journey where stress, overwhelm and anxiety fall away and you are focused, present and completely your authentic self.  Also known as “in the zone”, “Runners high” or “experiencing bliss”,


Flow is an undeniably powerful energy to help you achieve your goals, get creative and feel inspired.

Benefits of Flow


By practicing flow, you are quieting your mind from negative thoughts and chatter. You are letting go of your to do list , stress and anxiety and inviting mental clarity and a sense of peace and calm to the moment.

You feel happy, fulfilled and fully immersed in good energy.


Incorporating physical activities like a movement meditation can help move stagnant energy out of your physical body and shake off stress.  A mindful and intentional workout where you can burn between 100-250 calories.

You feel accomplished, energized and confident.


Regulating emotions is an incredibly powerful tool in any area of life, relationships or business. 

By practicing flow you can release any suppressed emotions, learn how to become aware of your emotions, practice joy, freedom and elation.

You feel lighter, calmer, and have more clarity around your emotions and any challenging situations.


Getting in flow is considered an inspiring practice where you are focused and open to receiving downloads, ideas and connect deeper with your intuition.

This is where creative flow comes from, time and space doesn't exist and you are fully immersed in the moment.

You feel aligned, abundant, and creative.

Experience flow.

A flow meditation is more than a class, it's a MOVEMENT!

It's personal training for your mind, body and soul. A transformative practice to gain mental clarity, release stuck emotions, move your body and invite positive energy into the moment.

Move to an empowering playlist, guided visualizations, positive affirmations, and mindfulness prompts.

Every BODY and Every Ability welcome.

Come as you are!

No experience necessary.

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What People are Saying

"I am dealing with some stress and anxiety and it felt soooo good to release and now I feel so much more calm."

"Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing class, it was so much fun, I was sad it ended. I put my watch on and I got 150 calories, it's a workout!"

"Thank you Jo Lean, that class was amazing and so empowering, feel soooo good."

"This Flow Workshop was amazing! It helped me get into my body, release stagnant energy and allow myself to move however I wanted! 💃🏼

The music, guidance, and affirmations were all so thoughtfully curated! You are a natural guide!

The Adele song made me feel like I was back in my dancing days from high school, it surprised me but in the best way!! I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you for such an amazing experience 🙌🏻💛"

"I had such an incredible time at Jo’s Flow mindfulness event! It showed me that healing and doing inner work CAN be fun and enjoyable. It helped me connect with my body and let go of any judgement I was holding onto, I allowed myself to let go and not care what anyone thought of me and it was so liberating and best of all I had fun doing it. The music selection was beautiful and Jo is an amazing facilitator, her voice is so lovely and soothing and she creates a safe space for everyone. I can’t wait for the next one!"

"Wanted to share my gratitude with you for holding space for us during your Mindfulness Flow workshop. It’s the next day and I’m still feeling the natural high! Your voice is calming yet powerful and the playlist was perfection. From the downloads I had come through to the releasing we did, I feel lighter. Thank you for the injection of joy! Can’t wait for the next one!"

"Wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVED the flow mindfulness workshop. It was a beautiful combination of meditation with movement.

I was able to connect with my higher self, tapped into my inner freedom and got beautiful messages that allowed me to release what no longer serves me.

I would definitely be attending again💃🏻🥳"

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flow is for you if you are

  • Open to new ways of exploring yourself through an active meditation.

  • Looking for a fun workout for your mind, body and soul.

  • Having trouble quieting your negative thoughts and feelings around your self-worth, perfectionism, overwhelm and anxiety.

  • Struggling with that hustle mentality and want to invite more peace and balance in your life.

  • Wanting an emotional release of suppressed emotions to gain clarity around your challenges.

  • Ready to ignite feelings of creativity, energy, satisfaction and joy.

  • Open to increasing productivity, improved performance, and motivation with your work.



Hi, I'm Jo Lean an Emotional Wellness Guide and Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator.

Growing up if you asked me what I wanted to be, I would have said "a dancer and psychologist!" and here I am living my dream of helping and guiding people through movement, mindfulness and positive psychology.

As a former Award Winning Event Planner I used to hustle hard, was constantly stressed and overwhelmed by my to do list, felt burn out to the point of illness and was constantly trying to prove my worth through work.

It was EXHAUSTING and not at all how I wanted to live my life. I had to get real honest with my emotions, stop escaping and suppressing them and wanted a way to feel better.

I discovered Movement Meditations and it was a GAME CHANGER. I struggle with passive meditations and Flow really helped me  to quiet my mind, reduce stress, connect with my emotions, release what was no longer serving me, call in vibrant energy, practice mindfulness in a super fun way and get creative.

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