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Inspiring the way we work

Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Women's Wellness topics for THRIVING and not SURVIVING.


evolve or repeat

Did you know that women and those with female biochemistry are 4 different people per month?

To overcome burn-out, over-productivity and emotional disconnection the way we work MUST EVOLVE.

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Amplify your Workflow

Embody BEING versus DOING and align with YOUR ENERGY for SUCCESS!

I shed light on the prevalent burnout and challenges faced by women and femmes today. From chronic illness to dissatisfaction, the toll is undeniable.


Discovering the power of cyclical living and embracing female energy can be transformative, offering relief from common issues such as burnout, exhaustion, and chronic illness. By understanding these dynamics, we aim to address:

  • Burn-out

  • Exhaustion

  • Chronic Illness

  • Lack of Confidence

  • Shame

  • Low Productivity

  • Inability to Rest

  • Feeling Overwhelmed


Many in the workforce remain unaware of how adopting this approach can enhance their effectiveness and foster genuine belonging and fulfillment in the workplace. We advocate for this shift to create a harmonious and supportive environment for all.

I had the pleasure of watching Joanna Lean speak at the Brockville Women in Business Luncheon. She spoke about aligning to our cyclical wisdom. She was very engaging and succinct! We learned all about the seasons of our cycles and what to do and expect from our bodies during each season. 

I would highly recommend Joanna for any speaking event/opportunity!



Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Wellness Speaking and Workshops


Self-Worth and Productivity

"Busyness isn’t a badge of honour” oftentimes when we are too busy we lose our "joie de vivre!" and this can have an effect on how we value ourselves, our lives and our self-worth.


When we place more value on being productive, then we often burnout, don’t live in alignment and truly don’t feel good. It’s not good for our health and overall wellbeing.


  • Reframe what success means

  • What’s your why

  • Define Self-Worth

  • Other ways to feel productive like “rest”

  • Thought Switch- choose a better feeling thought

  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments


This will help your community understand themselves better, have an awareness around where they may be tying worth to their productivity and practical and actionable steps to enjoy the process and not focus solely on outcomes.

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The Art of Not Knowing and Not Needing to Know

As we have learned over the last two years, the only constant is change and we are experiencing another change in this post pandemic world.


In this mindfulness workshop your employees will learn:


  • How to get comfortable with change and ways to reframe it.

  • How to let go of control and be OK with it.

  • The empowered "I don't Knows"

  • Using Mindfulness principles of curiosity and new beginnings, shifting from the scary unknown to the exciting and infinite possibilities

  • Acceptance of what is and letting go of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” of life and work.


Your community will build their skills in present moment awareness, curiosity and getting comfortable with the unknown.

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How to Feel Good: A Pathway to Understanding your Emotions

How to connect the mind and the body through positive emotions, body mindfulness and connecting to all of your emotions to live a healthier life mind, body and soul.


  • What is the mind-body connection and why it’s overlooked

  • Why you can’t think your way out of your emotions

  • How to determine your Energetic Frequency (our emotions live in our bodies)

  • How to connect with your emotions, move through them and release them.

  • Practical Steps to being with your emotions so you don’t get stuck in them or use escapism or ignore them.


This will help your community understand why emotions come up, how to bring awareness and learnings to their emotions without numbing or escaping them. Emotional wellness is incredibly beneficial to manage stress and life’s challenges and can improve mood and overall happiness.

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Change your story change your circumstances. Our stories are unreliable, we are worst fake news anchors but each of us tells a story. Your employees will learn:


  • The psychology of Stories

  • How and Why we create stories

  • What meaning do we make out of the stories and the beliefs

  • How to change the stories you are telling yourself

  • Reframing Negative Experiences: Gains and Opportunities


After learning about why and how to change your story your employees will have an awareness around their stories the way they perceive them, the way they talk about them so they can change them to a better story to feel good and ultimately change their circumstances and help resolve problems, challenges and see opportunities.

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I had the pleasure of attending your recent speaking engagement, and I was deeply impressed by several aspects of your presentation. Your passion for the topic was palpable, and it was evident that you are truly aligned with your message. The way the words flowed effortlessly from your mouth highlighted your deep understanding and commitment to the subject.


Reflecting on my own emotional wellness journey, I was struck by how far I've come, and your insights provided valuable validation. The statistics you shared about people's feelings towards emotions were both daunting and sad, yet they reinforced the importance of my approach to emotional openness with colleagues and clients. Your presentation affirmed that creating a safe space for emotional exploration is crucial.


I particularly appreciated the FACE acronym and the thoughtful journal and reflection prompts you provided. They are practical tools that I can integrate into my personal and professional life. Additionally, the way you began the session by inviting us to breathe and then asking how we were feeling created a mindful pause, setting a positive tone for the entire session.


Overall, your presentation was not only informative but also deeply resonant. Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion with us.


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