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Upcoming Events and Programs

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Full Moon in Scorpio Workshop

Experience the Pink Full Moon: An Evening of Intuitive Awakening and Creative Manifestation Join us under the glow of the Pink Full Moon, where the energies are asking us to amplify our intuition and inner power. Embrace a time of death and rebirth, inviting us to shed old layers and embrace new beginnings. Harness the potent energies of the Pink Full Moon to manifest your deepest desires through the transformative practices of dancing mindfulness and embodied art journaling. 

Embody Being versus Doing

Let us guide and empower you through the wisdom of your womb to:


Feel enough in your body

✔ Let go of the 24/7 hustle & grind culture

✔ Lean into tapping into clarity and your intuitive abilities 

✔ Have more fun in life and luxuriate in JOY 

✔ Honouring your sacred rage and feeling safe to do so 

✔ Build and run a business like a BOSS without burning out

✔ Connect with the wisdom of your ancestors & spirit team with more ease 

✔ Heal the wounded feminine (mother wound, inner child / teenage healing) 

Embodied Manifestation Group Healing 
Spring Session Closed.
Fall dates coming soon!

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