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A MOVEMENT that Inspires!

With the rise of burn out, mental stress, a sense of languishing and most of all the great resignation, leaders  are struggling with mental health issues more than ever to keep their employees happy, healthy and motivated.  Infusing your team with positive mindfulness solutions is one way to increase energy in your employees and within your team.

Corporate Flow Workshops and Classes are an incredibly unique blend of adding a fun and inspiring dose of energy to your team's workday.  A Flow session has the ability to change your team and employees energy, reduce stress, gain mental clarity, invite inspiration for upcoming creative projects, celebrate your team's success and so much more.


This can be incorporated as a morning break, lunch and learn, a 3 PM pick me up or part of a conference, or breakout for meetings. 


45 - 90 minute Corporate Flow Sessions are completely customizable to your team or event needs.


Remote or In Person Classes and Workshops available.


Experience flow

A flow meditation is more than a class, it's a MOVEMENT!

It's personal training for your mind, body and soul. A transformative practice to gain mental clarity, reduce stress, move your body and invite positive energy into the moment.

Move to an empowering  and energizing playlist, guided visualizations, positive affirmations, and mindfulness prompts.

Every BODY and Every Ability welcome.

Come as you are!

No experience necessary.


Great for teams who want to:

Infuse energy into the workday

Celebrate your employees on their accomplishments

Reduce mental stress

Increase motivation for an upcoming project or deadline

Invite creativity, inspiration and productivity

Practice joy, freedom and authenticity


Imagine what happens when you combine:

Image by Erik Brolin


Practicing mindfulness helps with focus, communication, emotional regulation, and is a great tool for self-care.

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Movement helps increase endorphins, relieve stress and is a fun way for self-expression.

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Listening to a powerful curated playlist can influence the mind, body and overall health. Improves mood, decreases fatigue and lowers anxiety. 

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Allowing authentic self-expression is revered in neuroscience as one of the most important ways to connect, navigate and grow with each other.

Energy flows where intention goes

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Empower your Team to Innovate


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Hi, I'm Jo Lean an Emotional Wellness Guide and Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator.

Growing up if you asked me what I wanted to be, I would have said "a dancer and psychologist!" and here I am living my dream of helping and guiding people through movement, mindfulness and positive psychology.

As a former Award Winning Corporate Event Planner I used to hustle hard, was constantly stressed and overwhelmed by my to do list, felt burn out to the point of illness and was constantly trying to prove my worth through work.

I struggled to fit into the traditional corporate setting because I was taught that emotions were not permitted in the workplace and that being my authentic self which is very empathetic, collaborative and compassionate were definitely not at all  the way celebrated.

In 2020, I made the leap of faith and pursued the entrepreneurial journey into wellness, hosting wellness webinars, guiding people through Positive Psychology, Meditation and Mindfulness and most recently introducing Flow Classes and Workshops.

I discovered Movement Meditations and it was a GAME CHANGER. I struggle with passive meditations and Flow really helped me  to quiet my mind, reduce stress, connect with my emotions, release what was no longer serving me, call in vibrant energy, practice mindfulness in a super fun way and get creative.

And I am excited to share the incredible benefits of combining mindfulness, movement, music and authenticity to your team or event today!

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