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You are not a Human Doing. You are a Human Being who Moves!

In two weeks I am celebrating my 5 year anniversary of the moment I hit rock bottom….ie: my demotion. I wanted to wait to write this but it’s too good to wait and as a Manifesting Generator when I am inspired and lit up I gotta ride that wave. So here it goes…

It was May 9th, 2017 a meeting that changed my life. A meeting that at the time was one of the most painful meetings I had to sit in, a meeting that gutted my heart and then some, a meeting I will never forget for the rest of my life. I was at that time a Corporate Event Manager for one of the five big banks in Canada and was working my a** off to create the most memorable of experiences for bank clients and employees. I was one of the planners that had the best events, traveled throughout North America and the Caribbean, and stayed in luxury hotels and resorts, and managed some of the larger budgets.

From the outside looking in, I was happy, living my dream life, traveling 3 weeks of the year for pleasure and traveling to some of the best spots and experiencing some of the best food and culture through work. But from the inside, I was a hot mess. I really didn’t like or know myself. I was hustling, burnt out, not taking care of my mind, body and soul. I was desperately single and dating all the wrong men. And at work - I was being bullied.

My confidence was so low, I was having crying episodes and I’ll never forget crying on Yonge Street near my office one morning as I was on the phone with my friend not wanting to take a group to Las Vegas for a 3 night 4 day Incentive Trip. Especially not with the manager who was bullying me.

So on that fateful day, the universe gave me an opportunity to remember myself. Remember that I am more than my job. I am more than settling and being unhappy. I am more than letting anyone bully me and most importantly I remembered I was ready to come home to myself.

Now of course that took time and a journey I am still on but that was the day the door was opened for me and nudged to walk through.

I didn’t know then what I know now, but at that point in my life I was willing to walk through this door and explore this life in a different way.

Without going through all the details of my journey up until this point (gotta leave something for the book!) I wanted to highlight 3 key areas of my journey that have brought me here to this moment in my life and in my business.

The Head

After that meeting I knew things had to change and I started with the head - mindset. I examined my thoughts, beliefs and conditioning that brought me to the point of demotion. And I was committed to myself to change my life through my thoughts. I started therapy, read books on mindset, beliefs, positive psychology, started meditating and became aware that my thoughts are not me- and I was the observer of thoughts. And most importantly by changing my thoughts I would change my life. It worked!

I went from demotion, to promotion, to winning Event Planning Awards, to falling in love with myself, my life and learning that I had control through my thoughts. My head was everything at that time - it was also where my spirituality lived.

The Heart

Then I included my heart in my journey - through love - really being the energy of love. I practiced forgiveness, compassion and kindness with myself and my life experiences and manifested the love of my life. Through this heart journey I was inspired to quit my job and help women find self-love and manifest their partner.

And I LOVED it! I coached and guided women through self-love, positive psychology and law of attraction to first learn to let go of their past, change their story, learn how to align with the energies of love, joy, compassion, acceptance and be aligned with attracting an emotionally available partner.

Through this work, I kept being nudged to include something else in this experience….

The Body

After 6 months of coaching women to love themselves and find love I found myself receiving another message from the universe through illness and my body. This message of taking care of my body wasn’t new but this time I was truly listening.

So in 2021 I discovered body work, embodiment and mindful movement. While coaching I really felt like something was missing - MOVEMENT.

Not just any kind of movement, but intentional and energetic movement. Where we are releasing stuck emotions, we get out of our heads and into our bodies, tap into our intuition, feel good, get all the benefits of meditating while moving, and call in clarity, peace and calmness. All while being physical. Like yoga or breathwork.

So I went on my personal quest first, because that’s how I roll - and was looking how I could stop ignoring my physical body in my journey and include it in a way that feels really good.

Because if I am being really honest with you - I HATE WORKING OUT!

I don’t like going to the gym, most fitness classes stress me out, are hard and not fun for me at all. A lot of classes or modalities feel rigid and I like freedom. So basically my whole life I struggled to find movement that I enjoyed. And this time I wanted a deeper practice, not just a physical one.

So I remember back in February 2021 (before getting sick) I was looking up mindful movement, intuitive dance classes and honestly didn’t really find anything that combined what I was looking for (and perhaps it was the universe holding off until I was ready.)

But I still wanted to try movement and manifestation- so I did - I hosted my first movement and manifestation session as part of a virtual retreat called “FLOW.” And it felt so good to teach, move my body all within a meditation and manifestation. This lit me up to attract a program that fit all of my needs…and I did, Dancing Mindfulness.

Dancing Mindfulness is an expressive arts therapy that combines mindfulness, free flowing dance and movement, energy healing, somatic psychology, creativity, spirituality, emotional wellness and truly is a mind, body and soul experience.

It’s an Embodiment practice that encompasses every single part of my journey, and it encompasses the part of my journey I’ve struggled with the most - my body, illness, lack of movement, lack of energy. It truly allows me to get out of mind, out of my racing thoughts and inner critic and truly tap into my body- where my emotions, feelings and energy live and breathe.


So I became a Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator and this practice has changed my relationship with my body…

It’s a practice that I don’t feel bad doing because it’s free flowing - so it’s me and the music and guided prompts to help me connect deeper with myself

It’s a practice that I can let my thoughts go and be truly in my body and in the moment - feeling whatever comes up without force.

It’s a practice that helps me burn energy in a really fun and intentional way.

It’s a practice where I can dance and feel the music touching my soul.

It’s a practice that’s therapy for the body all while doing a fun workout.

It’s a practice that’s giving me time and space to be a channel for inspiration, creativity, release and flow.

It’s a practice where no words or language is used and I don’t have to explain anything through speaking - it’s all expressed through the body.

It’s a practice where I leave behind comparison, my to do list, self-judgement and invite peace to the moment.

It’s a practice where I am efficiently practicing meditation and working out at the same time (not to change my body but to invite it in whatever state it’s in.)

It’s a practice that releases stress, anxiety and busyness and focuses on ME in the here and now.


Because we are not human doings, we are human beings WHO MOVE!

Our thoughts, emotions, energy, spirit moves and so do our bodies. So I chose this path of movement because plain and simply put it feels good to me and that’s the only way I move; TO FEEL GOOD AND FLOW.

I don’t feel like it’s a coincidence that I was brought here through my journey to guide Embodiment Flow - because as a child the two things I wanted to be when I grew up was a Dancer and Psychologist and glad I walked through that door May 9, 2017 and re-connected with my childhood dreams and made them come true.

If any of this resonated with you and you feel called to move, flow and bring your whole self to this movement, I invite you to any of my classes, workshops or corporate programming. See what’s coming up Classes and Events and Corporate Flow

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