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ready to attract an emotionally available partner

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What if you were given a roadmap to love that you could start implementing today and seeing results?


A tool kit that outlined the skills needed to be a magnet for love.


You felt Lizzo Confident to stop chasing and wasting your time with unavailable men and in the rabbit hole of searching for love.


You let go the heaviness of the past that has defined you and reframed your story to a story of love, success and happiness.


Because the thoughts you think, beliefs you’ve subscribed to and the lack of awareness of your habits have stopped you getting what you want; a loving relationship.


If you want to learn how to manifest the soul-partner of your dreams that actually increases your self-worth and become the most unapologetically loving person in any room, keep scrolling.

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You know that in order to Manifest a Soul-Partner, you need to learn how to love yourself first, become aware of your past, negative thoughts, patterns and beliefs, look to incorporate positive daily habits in Self-Love and have a loving vision for your future (including your soulmate.)

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You’ve been single for a very long time and nothing you do seems to be working.

You have bad luck in love and feel you will be alone forever.

You would think you have a tattoo on your forehead that says “open for business for all the unavailable men .”

You’re a successful independent womxn that can’t seem to attract someone at your level.

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Imagine having manifested an emotionally available partner


WITHOUT the headache of repeating the same dating patterns over and over again.

Pic of writing in my journal for website
Pic of writing in my journal for website
Pic of writing in my journal for website
Pic of writing in my journal for website

Find a partner that compliments you, not completes you.

Become the most loving version of yourself.

Be in a conscious, supporting and loving relationship.

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Pic of writing in my journal for website
Pic of writing in my journal for website

6 x 1.5 Hour Coaching Calls

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6 Workbooks full of activities to support the learnings and coaching in each session (based in Manifestation, Law of Attraction, Positive Psychology, Psychology of Love, Inner Child Healing, Mindset, Belief Work and More.)

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Resources to support each session through blogs, articles, Ted Talks, Youtube Videos, Guided Meditations and Podcasts.

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Guided Meditations and Movement Activities during the sessions.

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Session 1:

Be a Yes to LOVE

  • Learn how to declare your desire and gain clarity on your WHY, so you have a roadmap to the love you desire.

  • Explore who you have to be to attract love, because love is a vibration coming from you out into the world, without it you attract what you’ve already been attracting.

  • Understand the foundations of Manifestation and the Law of Attraction and be in the driver seat of actively manifesting your wants rather than your fears.


Session 2:

Awareness of Your Past: Mindset, Limiting Beliefs and Your Identity

  • Understand how your past has determined your experience in love so you can bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings and the role you’ve played in relationships.

  • Learn how to manage negative thinking and your beliefs around love.

  • Discover your love blocks and release them to attract a loving partner into your life.


Session 3:

Switch the Script: From Lack to Love

  • Connect with your Inner Child to heal and let go of past experiences that have shaped your love life.

  • Understand the story you have created from your past and learn strategies to rewrite it to an empowering one who manifests the love of her life.

  • Learn ways to forgive yourself and others that have been weighing on your life. Let go to let love in.


Session 4:

What’s Self-Love Gotta Do With It:EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Learn how to use the Energy of Self-Love to find the One.

  • Radiate from the inside out, feel good and understand who you are and what matters most to you.

  • Discover your strengths and how to use them in all areas of life including navigating healthy relationships and dating.​


Session 5:

 Unapologetically ME: I LOVE ALL of MYSELF

  • Learn how to embrace all parts of you with a loving heart and kindness.

  • How to use Self-Care as Self-Compassion in Action.

  • Know your value and worth and be confident in who you are in any situation


Session 6:

Best Future Self: Inspired Action to Your Vision of love

  • Learn how the universe is speaking to you on your path to soul-love.

  • Trust and surrender that the universe has heard your prayers and strategies to keep the faith in your manifestations.

  • Confidently take inspired action to receive the love of your wildest dreams from an emotionally available partner..

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invest now for only $1,111 today




3 Month



6 month investment


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did someone say bonus? 

90 Day voxer support

3 Months of Voxer Messaging Support ( On demand coaching- Walkie-Talkie Style.)


Think of it like having me in your back pocket to help guide you outside of the coaching sessions. If you come across any issues, setbacks or struggles this is a great addition to continuing the healing journey throughout the 3 months of working together.

Value $2,000

you get it for


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I’m Jo Lean and I can’t wait to guide you to being that confident, empowered and positive woman who is ready to take inspired action to unapologetically loving yourself and calling in YOUR Soul-Partner.


After unsuccessfully dating for about a decade, I was giving up on love until the universe kicked me in my butt and woke me up to my potential, my greatest gift; LOVE. I was demoted at what I thought was the height of my career even though I was so burnt out and unhappy. So I  decided I was choosing loving myself for once and betting on me.


I call myself a Recovering Negative Thoughtsaholic because I was my harshest critic, I was in full victim mentality blaming the world for my dating woes and being the unluckiest girl I knew who could barely get past the 3rd date!


It took 2 years to heal my past wounds, understand how the mind works, rewrite my negative love story and invest in loving myself and believing I was worthy of love. Within 2 years I manifested my Soul Partner. I finally found an emotionally available man that was READY for love. 


I created Self-Love to Soul-Love to help you know, trust and love yourself completely as you go on this journey to calling in your Soul-Partner. I’ve been there, I didn’t know back then that self-love was a crucial part of finding soul-love, I tried to bypass it until the universe wouldn’t let me any longer. As a Positive Psychology Love Coach I give you the tools to empower you to look in the mirror and be unapologetically the most loving person you know.

If you are being called to look within, connect with yourself deeper, go through some cobwebs of your past to uncover how amazing you are and increase your energy of love to manifest  an emotionally available partner, this journey is for YOU!

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  • What is Positive Psychology?
    The scientific study of what makes life worth living. When people experience positive emotions, engage in life and relationships, honour and pursue their passions and goals and appreciate their accomplishments along the way during peaks and valleys of life. Also referred to as "The Science of Happiness."
  • Who do you help?
    I help busy career driven womxn who are ready to THRIVE in life and not just survive, choose love over fear, get over the blahs and implement empowering experiences in life, work, love and play to cultivate a meaningful and fulfilling life. These womxn are READY to live an intentional life of FEELING GOOD AS HELL! I help with: Reframing negative thinking to positive thinking Getting unstuck Self-Love Passions and Purpose Rewriting your life story Self-esteem and Increasing Confidence Empowerment Using Manifestation and Law of Attraction to live the life of your dreams
  • What is the difference between traditional therapy and Positive Psychology?
    Traditional therapy focuses on your past, problems and weaknesses and the focus is to try and eliminate or decrease sadness or negative emotions. Positive Psychology also referred to as “The Science of Happiness” focuses on forward thinking approaches and strategies based on cultivating a flourishing mental state, increasing positive emotions, focusing on gratitude, creating meaning and purpose and taking your strengths and learning to use them daily to help you THRIVE in life.
  • How will the sessions run?
    Each session is 1 hour where we discuss any struggles you are dealing with. I coach, mentor and teach you with science evidence based tools in Positive Psychology to help you build strategies to work through your struggles. At the end of each session we will end with a guided activity to support the learnings of the session (meditation, movement or oracle card pull.) After each session you will receive guided activities to help implement the desired change.
  • What kinds of activities are included after the session?
    You will receive an email with guided activities in Positive Psychology that focus on increasing happiness, through positive thoughts, emotions and behaviours. The focus will be practical strategies to implement change to flourish.
  • What are the benefits of Positive Psychology?
    Learn how to vibrate higher and tap into more positive emotions and experiences in all areas of your life. Ignite your potential within- Self-Love, Confidence, Authenticity and Purpose. Implement tools to help shift your negative thoughts, inner critic with proven evidence based simple and practical activities. Improved mood, increased positive experiences and feeling like life is happening for you instead of against you. Become the most loving version of yourself. Focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses and see your potential soar.
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this journey is the perfect fit for you if...


You’ve spent the last few years or more focusing on your career and now feel ready to focus on your love life.


You’ve tried online dating but keep running into the same problems - no good men left to date, totally burnt out with very few positive results, always attracting the same person over and over again. Let me help you understand your past and provide a roadmap for today and your future to manifest your soul-partner.

You keep hearing "I'm not ready to commit" and don't understand why no one is ready for a commitment.


You’ve said multiple times, I’ll be happy when... I’m thinner, have that promotion, live in a different city or FINALLY be in a relationship. You will become aware of the limiting conditions you’ve placed on yourself denying yourself of love for far too long.



invest now for only $1,111 today




3 Month



6 month investment


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