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A Note from the Universe

If the universe was writing you a letter what would it say? What messages would it relay? We continuously are receiving notes, numbers, messages, nudges, feelings, pictures, visions, people from the universe and it is our job to be open to receive. And if we aren’t open and taking action the universe gets louder and more demanding and usually not in a good way.

Usually the message is like an arrow pointing to something, perhaps a goal or dream, or something you need to walk away from- a relationship or job, but it is our job to read that message and follow the arrow.

If you were to ask me what messages I’ve received I would tell you- SO MANY- some I have flat out ignored like when I knew I was meant for something greater than being bullied by my narcissistic boss for over a year- which led to my demotion- GREATEST MESSAGE EVER! Or the time on hinge when a cute/nice guy messaged me asking if I wanted to hear a joke or a pick up line and then ghosted me for three days- that nudge to message him was a big one- and now I sit here writing to you living a fully whole and empowered life filled with love and light.

But the note I want to share with you is about an arrow pointing to a dream I didn’t even know I had. You see, about two years ago I fell ill, like really ill. What I first thought was a flu, turned out to be weeks of blood tests, CT scans, an MRI and neurologists not knowing why half my body went numb and why I was so fatigued. I finally got in to see a Functional Medicine Physician and he helped me figure out I had a bacterial infection and Mold Toxicity (which I thought I had in the spring of 2019 but thought it went away.)

One of the things that was recommended I needed to do was sweat, sweat every day to detox both the mold and bacterial infection and to help increase function in my immune system along with other amazing benefits of calming my body to help it heal. So like with everything I googled

Where to sweat in Toronto?

And the universe pointed me to a sweat spa on the Danforth. It was a super cute spa, with treatment rooms that had massage beds and these infrared sauna blanket wraps. You get in the blanket and your body heats up from the inside out and you sweat. So I did just that December 13, 2019.

And see how happy I am- I am sweating out toxins and letting my body heal and feel good. Now, what I didn’t know back then was that discovering that picture 3 weeks ago in my phone with over 28,000 pics (yes I have some decluttering to do) would lead me to this past June.

The universe sent me another message through my body- MOLD AGAIN! I was cleaning my car and found mold under the carpet. So I cleaned it up- unfortunately I inhaled mold spores and became very ill again. BUT this time I knew what to do. I went to my naturopath for some Vitamin Drip love and she reminded me I needed to sweat. So I went online only to discover that amazing sweat spa shut down because of Covid.

So I bought one for myself! And 4 times a week healed from mold toxicity and discovered the amazing healing benefits of heat and light therapy. I felt like a million bucks- better than before!

When I love something whether it be a product, service, place you betcha I’m telling everyone I know and their dogs! So I did just that and I insisted my friends try it. And they did and THEY LOVED IT!

I had no plans before June to start a spa, let alone a sweat spa but the universe has been pointing me to this moment for the last two years.

And now after 3 amazing months with a mobile sweat spa visiting over 16 clients, I am starting a new journey of Pop Up Sweat Spas around Toronto this winter. A place to come to glow, heal and sweat- sweat out toxins, stress/anxiety and let your body rest, rejuvenate and truly light from the inside out.

If you’re in Toronto and want to discover your light- check out my first Pop Up Sweat Spa Details HERE! More dates and locations coming soon!

And remember that nudge, that idea, the thing that feels so damn good but have no idea why- it may be pointing you to your dreams, to a path you never thought you'd walk. So my loves, stay open and follow the notes the universe is sending you.


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