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Rest doesn’t mean laziness

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I’m not sure how the universe speaks to you but one of the ways the universe sends me messages is through my health or lack thereof. I only started realizing the deeper, more profound messages two years ago around this time when I was forced to slow down, rest and take care of my physical body. At the time it was full of mold, bacteria, viruses and was shutting down.

Looking back I know now that the messages were loud and clear: stop what you’re doing and change course! So I did just that- I listened and it was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever done. I resigned from my toxic job which was so out of alignment with the person I was and trying to become that the universe pushed me to finally say goodbye.

Now fast forward to May 8th, 2021- the universe sent me another redirection again with mold toxicity. I found mold in my car and decided to clean it up and of course I inhaled mold spores which took 3 weeks to take me down- numbness, fatigue, tingles in my hands and feet, shortness of breath, weakness and headaches.

So yet again I was faced with another health crisis- this time I didn’t panic, I knew what it was and what I needed to do physically but what about emotionally? What was the message from the universe this time?


I started my business in January and was hustling- hustling like I’ve never hustled before and was going in a direction that I thought I was supposed to go in- help women manifest love and increase their self-love (which I love to do!) BUT the universe has bigger plans for me, the ones I couldn’t even imagine but I needed to rest so I could truly get the message.

So I decided to take a month off- clear out the mold, focus on my health and listen to the messages of rest and slowing down. I thought I would be really good at resting but I wasn’t. I was faced with this question:

Who am I if I am not producing and working?

Now, let me tell you that was truly unexpected because I thought I had already worked on my worth when it came to work- I tied my worth to being a corporate event planner for 12 years and here I was thinking- I don’t tie my worth to work anymore….WRONG- here I was being called to heal another layer of my worthiness through rest. It was through the commitment to rest and the universe leading me to an infrared sauna blanket that I truly learnt the meaning of it.

Here are different ways I learnt how to rest through the Infrared Sauna Blanket:


I think this one is pretty obvious but there is passive rest which is sleeping and napping and active rest which is choosing restorative activities like getting a massage, sweating, yoga, stretching. Through the sauna blanket- my nervous system had a chance to rest as well. I was actively putting into a parasympathetic state to be able to heal itself instead of being in fight or flight mode.


Calming my mind has been one of the hardest types of rest- mind chatter of all the things I wasn’t doing was really getting me down. So by resting my mind, I would journal, meditate and be as intentional as possible with feeding my mind positive thoughts and affirmations. I would listen to meditations and affirmations in the sauna blanket and get that extra dose of calm that was truly needed to heal.


I was able to detox emotions that were so deeply rooted in my being that they were finally able to surface by slowing down and not distracting myself through work. I was able to really reflect on how I was really feeling about myself, my business, my worth and so much more.


I was addicted to being on instagram, on my laptop for my business which was feeding my worth. I took a much needed break and was forced to do nothing and literally close my eyes and get away from the over stimulation and stress that my screen was providing me.


By connecting with myself I could go deeper into my purpose and connect to the love and inspiration within. The amount of downloads I was receiving when I was forced to slow down was incredible. It truly led me back to my purpose to share the light (infrared light!)

I found peace in the distress and I was guided to the infrared sauna blanket and the powers of deep and rejuvenating rest. And now I have completely shifted my perspective around intentional rest and how it no longer means laziness- it has redirected my entire being and I am so excited to share the healing benefits of the sauna blanket with you. So if you are like me and have a hard time slowing down, resting and not being a busy body then definitely look into the healing powers of infrared sauna therapy!

Here are two ways to get the benefits of Infrared Heat Therapy!


In Toronto? Treat yourself to an Infrared Sauna Detox Treatment and Indian Head Massage at Thair by appointment ONLY. Email me


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