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What if the Bullseye was YOU!

We are constantly looking to manifest things outside of ourselves, better jobs, a happy or happier relationship, more money, a bigger house, a luxurious vacation but what if the bullseye was YOU?

As women, in general we are constantly validating our worth based on external measures. BUT once you decide to change the target and make it about you then that’s when the manifesting process shifts completely. That’s when the REAL magic happens. When you find, honour and put all your attention and intention on healing YOU- that’s when you start living from a place of empowerment, authenticity and truth in who you are.

This doesn’t mean that it’s sunshine and rainbows, because the path to healing is through shadow work- it’s through the bravery to unpack our hurt, pain, disappointments and to learn to accept, forgive, show compassion to ourselves and the people around us. This is no easy feat but it’s the pathway to your highest potential.

Here are 3 steps to becoming the bullseye!

Step 1: Set an Intention on YOU!

Every morning we get to decide who we want to be. So take action and start your morning by setting intentions- intentions are a great roadmap to setting the tone for your day, month, year etc. But let’s start small! When you wake up ask yourself these questions:

How do I want to feel?

We are very used to negative emotions but when it comes to our positive emotions it takes a little more effort. So by writing down a few positive emotions- your mind is going to find ways to honour how you want to feel.

What activities do I need to do to feel those things?

Write out a list of a few things that you could do to practice those emotions. Our positive emotions are a practiced act- the more you experience positive emotions the more you are open to possibilities and opportunities, creativity, you become solutions oriented and more mindful. So for example if you want to feel calm- set aside some time to meditate, colour, go for a walk or if you want to generate energy, dance, sing, workout.

What are 3 Things I am grateful for?

I don’t have to go into too much detail on the science behind gratitude, as I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Gratitude is one of the best ways to honour not only what you have but who you are. It sparks feelings of appreciation, thanks and joy. In the moment when we are grateful and really feel it in our hearts - we can’t be in a negative state. And yes it takes practice. But start small and remember you want to practice the feelings of gratitude- really set an intention to feel what you are grateful in your heart-centre.

Step 2: Give yourself permission to embrace your past

A lot of manifestation is about being real with yourself about your past, your disappointments, rejections, hurts, and pains with an honest lens and taking responsibility for the part you played in it- without shaming or guilting yourself. It’s about realizing to move forward in life, it means understanding your past from a place of compassion, forgiveness and responsibility.

You can’t write the next chapter of your life without rewriting how you see and feel about your past. The thing that stops you from moving forward to manifesting your dreams is the shame, guilt, fear, lack and victim mentality about your past, your actions, failed expectations and the life or person you thought you would be.

Here some questions to get you reflecting:

  1. Are you hard on yourself for your past? Why?

  2. What are you doing to accept and forgive your past?

  3. Do you give yourself permission to feel vulnerable and explore your past?

  4. Do you look at your past with regret? Or as a lesson to help move you forward?

Step 3: Self-Love ISN’T Selfish

As women- we’ve gotten the memo that everyone comes before us but the big shift is when you can crumple up that memo, set it ON FIRE and you do everything you can to put yourself FIRST and everyone after you.

Getting real with yourself means reflecting on all the ways that you are putting yourself first and how you’re not. As women we tend to be people-pleasers, have little to no boundaries and get our validation by helping everyone else but ourselves.

The key to self-love is trying, over and over again and coming back to your truth, your desires, wants and giving yourself permission to explore ideas of who you are, who you were and who you want to be. And it’s not a one time thing- it’s an ever evolving process.

So you want to hit that bullseye of becoming the most loving version of yourself- an arrow doesn’t shoot forward without pulling backwards first. Release what is no longer serving you and imagine meeting your highest self and living the life of purpose, truth and flow.

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