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Sweat it out!
infrared sauna detox treatments
indian head massage

What is a sweat Session?

Sweat sessions help you detox toxins improve your, mood and de-stress from life's chaos.

Using an Infrared Sauna Blanket, infrared heat penetrates the skin 7 times deeper than a regular sauna, so you get greater results faster.

Each session is 1 hour of pure rest and rejuvenation!

why sweat?

Benefits of a Sweat Session

Image by Greg Rosenke

Detox Toxins

Sweating is one of the body’s most natural ways of eliminating toxins. With infrared heat, your body is cleansed from the inside out. Infrared saunas eliminate approximately seven times more toxins that traditional saunas, making them the most efficient form for detoxification.

Image by Jernej Graj

Glowing Skin

Infrared heat increases blood circulation and purges the pores of toxins. Sweating allows the body to flush out all of the impurities that become embedded in our dermal layers during normal, everyday activities. Whether it’s dirt, makeup, oil or chemical residue, when you sweat, you allow your body to purge these pollutants by bringing a fresh blood supply and essential nutrients to the surface. Sweating also allows our bodies to produce antimicrobial properties which reinforce the cleansing process, making our skin less prone to dermal issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars, stretch marks, lesions and cellulite.

Image by bruce mars

Improve Sleep

Sleep is the body’s most natural repair process. By shutting down at the end of each day, we allow ourselves to restore our physical and mental energy. When we have restlessness, problems falling asleep, or even insomnia, we put ourselves at risk for a host of larger issues, as our bodies are not getting the proper recharge they need.

By sweating and burning calories, we’re able to get a deeper sleep. Sweating promotes muscle relaxation, stimulates the body’s natural repair process, and allows us to enter a restful, more rejuvenated state.

Image by Avi Richards
Burn Calories

Burn Calories

As with any type of weight loss technique, in order to burn calories, it’s necessary to increase your heart rate, circulating your blood at a faster pace. During the process of thermoregulation, where your body is trying to maintain its internal core temperature, your system is working hard to regulate itself, resulting not only in sweating, but a high amount of calories burned. Because of the rapidity of the caloric burn, your body continues to burn calories for 36 hours, even after your session, giving you a metabolic boost.Burn up to 600 calories in a 45 minute session.

Image by Linh Le

Reduce Stress

Sweating not only has physical benefits, but mental benefits as well. Sweating has been proven to give us a boost of endorphins, causing our state of mind to calm and release tension, or even boost our energy levels and all-around mood.

Infrared heat penetrates the body’s sub-dermal layers to warm your muscles, encouraging them to relax and expand. Infrared heat balances cortisol levels and relieves muscle tension, leaving your body in a restful state.


Pain Management

Infrared has long been proven to reduce pain, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation and stiffness. From headaches to stomach cramps, muscle tension or soreness, infrared technology can be used as a natural remedy instead of traditional and sometimes harmful pain relievers. Infrared treatments have been used in sport training and therapy for athletes and recovering surgical patients across the globe.

Other Benefits:

Muscle Recovery
Increased Energy
Improved Circulation

Lower Blood Pressure
Boosts Libido
Strengthens Immune System
Reduces  cellulite
Weight Loss
Increase Metabolic rate


Client Love




Do you have a big event this summer, wedding or maybe a big trip planned? Let's get your mind, body and soul ready for the glow up you deserve!

Wrap yourself up and purify, relax and rejuvenate in an infrared sauna blanket and give your mind, body and soul what's it's craving and shine bright this summer from the inside out!

Add an Indian Head Massage to go deeper into calm and stillness.







February Promotion


Celebrate Love this Feb.11 and Detox and Glow with your Bestie, Partner or Fave Human.

Book a Couple's session for ONLY $150 (regular $200)

Add an Indian Head Massage for $50 each

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3189 Yonge St,

Toronto, ON M4N 2K9


"True beauty is the light in your soul and the glow from within."



Emily, Toronto

I chose this experience because I loved the idea of sweating out any toxins especially with winter starting to creep in! I also have some hip pain from carrying my toddler and hoped this would help. The head massage was an amazing bonus and seemed like the perfect thing to have done while sweating out and relaxing. 


I loved the experience! Being a busy mom means very little relaxing time and this experience was so relaxing. I felt amazing afterwards and had the best nights sleep I’ve had in months! 


I would literally recommend this to everyone I know! There are so many benefits and you honestly feel so fresh afterwards which is weird to say after sweating but it’s SO TRUE! 

Sauna Full Length.JPG

Sonya, Etobicoke

I absolutely love this sweat spa experience! I chose to come see Jo because my body was feeling quite off in general with period cramps, body soreness, and back pain.


I have done a few sessions before and the sauna blanket has always left me feeling soooo rejuvenated, calm, and less pain overall. This session was by far my favourite because my body really felt like it released so much, but I also did the add-on for a head massage during my sweat and WOW. This was the icing on the cake. I must say, Jo has the softest hands in the world! The additional of a head massage made the experience extremely relaxing and I have never felt so calm. It was truly beautiful.


I would highly recommend this service to those who may have certain pain or soreness in the body to help destress & release the toxins. Thank you again Jo for such an amazing experience!


Daniella, Scarborough

The world would be a better place if more people got head massages! Something I didn't know I needed and now I am hooked. Can't wait for my next Sauna Detox Session and Head Massage.

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